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Combating the growing global epidemic from multidrug-resistant infections

Peptilogics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company utilizing an innovative platform technology which enables us to rapidly and effectively develop novel peptide therapeutics, with an early focus on anti-infectives. Our compounds in development demonstrate the potential for powerful broad spectrum activity against the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria, with reduced risk of generating drug resistance due to the unique mechanism of action. At Peptilogics, we are dedicated to being at the center of the solution to the growing global epidemic of multidrug-resistant bacterial infections, and to improving options for healthcare practitioners and patients across a range of indications.

eCAPS:  engineered Cationic Antibiotic Peptides


Inspired by a class of naturally-occurring antimicrobial peptides, eCAPs are being developed as a new class of intravenous antibiotics using rational design to engineer compounds with highly amplified activity, while allowing systemic administration. eCAPs target and disrupt bacterial membranes, causing rapid bacterial death by causing cellular chemical imbalance without inducing lysis. Because bacterial membranes are a well-conserved evolutionary target, this novel mechanism of action appears to limit the generation of resistance as compared with current antibiotics. Current preclinical data show that generation of resistance takes up to 10 times longer than for a common antibiotic, and appears to be reversible. Additionally, eCAPs have been shown to kill actively growing as well as dormant bacteria, whereas most approved antibiotics are only effective against actively growing bacteria.


eCAPS have demonstrated preclinical effectiveness against the highest priority ESKAPE pathogens that cause the majority of drug-resistant hospital acquired infections. The company's initial clinical program with our lead compound will be focused on the treatment of hospital acquired infections, which represents a major unmet clinical need.


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President and Chief Executive Officer, Founder

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Acting Chief Medical Officer

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Jonathan Steckbeck

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