We build medicines with purpose –toward a future free of infections.

Peptilogics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a new platform technology which enables us to rapidly and effectively develop novel peptide therapeutics for unmet patient needs, with an early focus on anti-infectives.
Our therapeutics in development demonstrate the potential for powerful broad spectrum activity against the most dangerous drug-resistant bacteria, with significantly better resistance profile and efficacy due to novel mechanisms of action.
At Peptilogics, we are dedicated to solving the global epidemic of multidrug-resistant bacterial infections while alleviating worries of healthcare practitioners and suffering of patients a range of disease indications.

Peptilogics' algorithmic and rational design platform is enabling discovery of novel peptide therapeutics for critical unmet medical needs, beginning with bacterial infections. Peptilogics’ core anti-infective program focuses on compounds derived from their proprietary computational design platform that have demonstrated novel mechanisms of action for the treatment of multidrug-resistant infections. Using rational, statistical and algorithmic design principles, the technology amplifies antimicrobial activity while also achieving a strong safety profile.


Peptilogics has already generated broad- and narrow-spectrum antibiotics effective against both active and dormant (biofilm) bacteria that demonstrate a substantially lower risk of generating resistance (up to 10x improvement) than existing solutions, most of which are ineffective against biofilm bacteria. Newly discovered mechanisms of action have already translated into remarkable preclinical efficacy against the highest priority ESKAPE pathogens that cause the majority of drug-resistant hospital acquired infections. 


Jonathan Steckbeck

President and Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Todd Lorenz

Chief Medical Officer

Rick Oleson



Dietrich Stephan


Jonathan Steckbeck

Founder, Peptilogics

Stefan Roever

Founder of Genia ($350M) 

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